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Happy Halloween to all our friends and family!


Happy Halloween to all our friends and family!

Storm Shadow’s Jewelry would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and Hope that everyone has a safe and spooktacular time in their festivities.

Please be safe in driving, walking and watch out for the kids walking , motorcyclists riding and for generally everything around you. We want everyone to come home safe from all festivities and trick or treating tonight.

Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Beaded Spiders Plus a Big Sale
Green and Gold Spider

Don’t forget we have our Halloween sale still on till tomorrow Prices are slashed spookily low, most are lower than $10. Items you see their are all Halloween themed colors like our Orange and Black Bracelet Set or our Beaded Spiders. You can order beaded spiders from our Green and Gold spider Page and let us know what color you would like. There are pictures of some showing on that page.  We also have our  Onyx and Carnelian Crystal Earrings on sale as well.

We still have free shipping for our US customers for Halloween. FREEUS is the coupon code. This is for our Halloween orders only at this time and this coupon expires on 11/1/2014. Check out our Halloween Section to see what all we have slashed the prices may have even changed again from the last time you looked.

Onyx and Carnelian Crystal
Onyx and Carnelian Crystal Earrings

We are getting ready for the Holidays and will be giving you our Holiday selection soon, We already have a few items in our Christmas section for you to choose from but there will be more coming. Items like beaded ornaments, thanksgiving themed jewelry , and items and other Holiday items we think you will love.  So keep checking back in the coming days for the new items.

We still have our buy any 3 items from our sale pages ( $10 sale , $5 sale items  or  $20 sale items) you will get 30% off just use 30off when checking out with these items. And our Free shipping if you buy $50 worth of items freeshipping.  Plus if you do that and buy up to $50 doing that you can get free shipping and 30% off as well. This is on all the time. 

We are connected to Google +Twitter and Facebook , and Pinterest so you can catch us there anytime. Check out Patreon to see what it is, and come support us there we need it! Patreon Patrons get extra Coupons, Discounts and goodies each month.

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Welcome to our Grand Re-opening there is lots of newness going on!

grand re-opening

Welcome to our Grand Re-opening there is lots of newness going on!grand re-opening

Welcome to our Grand Re-opening we have lots of Low prices, new sections and new Discounts going on. We are still adding more for you today so don’t forget to keep checking back throughout the day to see what we have going on.

For an extra added bonus anyone that buys $50 or over gets free shipping that is right FREE SHIPPING all you will have to do to get this is use the coupon free shipping it is set to give you the discount if you buy $50 or over. IF there are any problems please contact me and I will fix it immediately.

Our new section we have for our Grand Re-Opening right now are $10 sale and $5 sale items as well as our more Holiday items as well. There may not be any items in some of these sections but there will be soon.

There will be new pages added up on the site as well, we also have new delivery options and areas. We hope that in the coming weeks that the site will become more and more user friendly. Please don’t hesitate to use our Contact form to give us suggestions on how to make the site even better or what kind of jewelry you would like to see us sell as well. We value your suggestions.

We are connected to Google +, Twitter and Facebook so you can catch us there. Plus today I will also be on Patreon and will answer your questions on any of my items there in real time. Check out Patreon to see what it is, and come support us there we need it!

If you see something that doesn’t look quite right please let us know through one of our social media pages or e-mail. We are also still working to make sure we don’t have any more bugs as well.

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