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Be your own Mother of Dragons or Father of Dragons With this Mystical Dragon Sculpture.


Be your own Mother of Dragons or Father of Dragons. This dragon and any Dragon Sculptures or Dragonish items made are on sale or will be on sale only till the current Game of Thrones season has ended. That discount will be 10%. If that item is on sale it will be clearly marked.

Dragons12″ usual price with the bells and whistles (wings and or stand) with Tax is $107.99 Discount for GoT until the end of season is 10% making it around 97.00

24″ usual price with the bells and whistles (wings and scales) with Tax is 149.99. Discount for GoT till the end of the season is $134.00 with tax included.

Shipping is approx. $15 the first Dragon I shipped out was around that and it was a 12″ dragon from UPS. I can not guarantee that shipping is to be that exact amount but will calculate and approximation for you upon order. based on address. The dragons always go UPS for safety. They are padded and packed with love and care. So your new adopted Dragon arrives safely.

Dragons With No wings and No stand are around $10.00 cheaper. Custom orders and different colors can be ordered upon request. Contact Me for any requests and orders.

The dragon listed below is a 24″ dragon with no stand and no wings. However, either or both can be added for a small fee.

Materials Information:

These Dragons are made with Anodized Aluminum Rings and Scales.

What is anodized aluminum? The aluminum alloy used is 95% aluminum and 5% magnesium; this creates a ring that is approx. 2/3rds the strength of steel but 1/3rd the weight. Anodizing is a process that adds a hard finish to the ring that gives it its color. The finish is corrosion resistant and can stand up to most damage without flaking, cutting or grinding on the ring with another hard metal surface (grooved pliers, scissors, etc…) and acids like chlorine will cause damage. Combined this means you have rings that are light, strong and resistant to most forms of common wear and tear. Cleaning should be handled with water and nonacidic soap.

Since this is a handcrafted item there can be some small tool marks (scuffs) on the piece, please remember this when purchasing. Any ring with obvious damage is not used; however, I endeavor to prevent any scuffs and marring.



Adopt this mystical dragon today and be your own Mother or Father of Dragons.

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Coming Soon! Bright Colorful Chain Maille Items for your enjoyment!

Coming Soon I will have some new Bright and Colorful Chain Maille Items for your enjoyment!

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything or given you new items to gawk at, and for that I apologize I have been busy as heck with my other job that I also do Enchanted Word Studios that I own. I am a writer as well, so that is where I fill up the other time I have besides being with my family.


I have been working hard to bring you new items and I hope that you will like them, here is a sneak peak!  Yes I am being sneak on how that earring is being displayed, as I want you to see it in its better glory when I post it with its pair soon.

All of these items are made with rings from TheRingLord  and we hope you enjoy them. Please give comments I would love to know what you think!

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Welcome to our Grand Re-opening there is lots of newness going on!

grand re-opening

Welcome to our Grand Re-opening there is lots of newness going on!grand re-opening

Welcome to our Grand Re-opening we have lots of Low prices, new sections and new Discounts going on. We are still adding more for you today so don’t forget to keep checking back throughout the day to see what we have going on.

For an extra added bonus anyone that buys $50 or over gets free shipping that is right FREE SHIPPING all you will have to do to get this is use the coupon free shipping it is set to give you the discount if you buy $50 or over. IF there are any problems please contact me and I will fix it immediately.

Our new section we have for our Grand Re-Opening right now are $10 sale and $5 sale items as well as our more Holiday items as well. There may not be any items in some of these sections but there will be soon.

There will be new pages added up on the site as well, we also have new delivery options and areas. We hope that in the coming weeks that the site will become more and more user friendly. Please don’t hesitate to use our Contact form to give us suggestions on how to make the site even better or what kind of jewelry you would like to see us sell as well. We value your suggestions.

We are connected to Google +, Twitter and Facebook so you can catch us there. Plus today I will also be on Patreon and will answer your questions on any of my items there in real time. Check out Patreon to see what it is, and come support us there we need it!

If you see something that doesn’t look quite right please let us know through one of our social media pages or e-mail. We are also still working to make sure we don’t have any more bugs as well.

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