Sparkling Green Leaves Wire Bracelet


This Sparkling Green Leaves Wire Bracelet is fairy-like making it a delightful addition to any wardrobe.

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This Sparkling Green Leaves Wire Bracelet is fairy-like making it a delightful addition to any wardrobe. This bracelet was made by weaving wire in and around and through not only itself but the sparkling crystals themselves. Tiny scales were added in addition to give the delicate illusion that leaves were also hanging or growing on the bracelet as well.

Materials Information:

Wire weaving is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewelry. ... Frequently, in this approach, a wire is bent into a loop or other decorative shape and then the wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or decorative shape permanent.

Crystal beads– Quite simply they are glass crystal beads. By cutting the glass in just the right way, internal reflection from inside the shiny surfaces of the glass causes the light to reflect internally. This internal reflection results in sparkle as the glass is tilted, adding to its beauty.

Wire: I use a colored copper wire that is coated so that it will not tarnish. This means the colors in your jewelry will last. This wire displays an emerald green color with beautiful shine.

Other Information: 

Size: Bracelet will fit a wrist size of 7 inches loosely

I make this in sizes from 6-9.5" (see below for measurement in centimeters) but are happy to make it smaller or larger, just get in touch to discuss before ordering. To get the fit right, first measure your wrist, then add the following,
• ¼” if you like a snug fit (good for cuffs)
• ½” if you like a standard fit
• ¾” if you like a looser fit
Example: My wrist measurement is 6¾”. If I would like my bracelet to be snug I would select the 7” option. Likewise, If I would like it to be looser I would select the 7½” option.

Also, this Bracelet can be made in a variety of colors, which are available on the site.

Therefore if you would like more information about the gemstones and items I use in making my handmade items like this, Sparkling Green Leaves Wire Bracelet Materials Description Page.

Let this Sparkling Green Leaves Wire Bracelet make your outfit look delightful.

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