Peach and Rose Caged Bead Set


Our Peach and Rose Caged Bead Bracelet and Earring Set are beautiful to say the least. The color of this set is beautiful goes beautifully together.

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Peach and Rose Caged Bead Set

Our Peach and Rose Caged Bead Bracelet and Earring Set are beautiful to say the least. The color of this set is Beautiful the Peach of the pearls and the pink of the coral go beautifully together.

This set is made from Pink Bamboo Coral, Peach Rose Cultured Pearls, Rose Peach Swarovski crystals and Chain links. The only thing holding the Coral in is the way the links are positioned. For this is the reason it is called a caged bead set.

Chain Mail– the act of adding links of chain together to make a pattern for jewelry, armor, or clothing.

Bamboo coral – is a deep sea coral.  It is made up of calcium carbonate and forms in treelike branches alternating with joint-like nodes axes composed of gorgonin protein. The bony structures give the bamboo coral a finger-like appearance similar to that of the bamboo plant on land.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls – Unlike synthetic pearls, Crystal Pearls by Swarovski are pearls made with a crystal core. Their unparalleled shine and gorgeous look are achieved using a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski. It is the first production method in the world to combine the quality of a perfect crystal core with the exquisite beauty of a pearl coating. The innovative technology by Swarovski gives the pearl a mysterious glow, which appears to be radiating from within the pearl itself. The strictest quality controls help ensure the absolute flawlessness of each Crystal Pearl.

Swarovski crystals – Swarovski crystal components are made in Austria and are considered the finest products of their kind in the world.

If you would like to know more about the gemstones and items we use in making our handmade items like our, Peach and Rose Caged Bead Set; please take a look at Gemstone Description page.

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