Our Dragon Stand Is a Stylish Way to Display Your New Dragon

Dragon Stand

Our Dragon Stand Displays Dragons Stylishly!

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Want a great way to display your new dragon? Then this Dragon Stand is a very Stylish way to do so. It's painted to look like the side of a mountain and we have added a bit of decorative moss to help to make it look even more real. Grab this Dragon Stand for your Dragon today.

Materials Information:

Wood: Regular old wood like you get from trees.

Moss: Moss by ProFlora specifically Preserved Forest Moss and Moss Mix Collection (Reindeer Moss, Spanish Moss, Forest Moss, & Sheet Moss). is used in Floral, Garden, and Craft projects! This Moss is extremely versatile and easy to use. The moss we use is cleaned and preserved to maintain its naturally lush look and plump, long fibers.

Metal Brads: These are used to help when you attach and pose your dragon on the stand. These are the same little brads you would use in some wood projects.

Other Information: 

If you are allergic to Moss or some greenery please contact us and we will find some form of another kind of decoration instead of the Moss to decorate it with that will help it look stylish instead of just a plain mountain stairs.

If you would like to know more about the gemstones, rings, and items that are used in making handmade items like this, Stylish Dragon Stand; please look at the Material Description Page and my Chain Maille Descriptions page.

Our Dragon Stand Displays Your New Dragon Stylishly!

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