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Be your own Mother of Dragons or Father of Dragons. This Mythical Dragon Sculpture is hand made ring by ring so you can have your own dragon baby.  (I have a green and gold one in stock the one that is currently in the picture.)

See full description and ordering information below.



Be your own Mother of Dragons or Father of Dragons. This Mythical Dragon Sculpture is hand made ring by ring so you can have your own dragon baby. They are made in two sizes 12 inches and 24 inches measuring from tip of the nose to tip of the tail.

Dragons can be made a number of ways besides size.

With or without wings.

Dragon Sculpture
Etched Dragon Wings

Etched wings look better however you can have them plain. These Etched wings only come in a few colors, but I can make them match your dragon well. These colors are- (Black, green, gold (mirror), Purple, Silver(mirror), Blue, red.  Shown to the left are what the etched wing scales look like a mirror silver and a green.

Dragons Scales

Dragon Sculpture
Etched Dragon Scales

Scales for the back, head, and tail can be etched or plain. Etched scales give a more realistic effect they can be staggered with plain ones or only plain ones can be used. Shown are the Champagne and Blue etched scales Large are for head and tail and the small is used for the back. Also shown are plain pink scales, that can be used on the back. These are not the only colors that can be used for the scales. Etched come in a wide variety of colors. The etched scales come in up to 13 different colors that can be used. and even more with the plain small scales.

With wings and a wire stand.


Dragon Sculpture
Blue and Silver Dragon with wings and stand

Dragons are originally made without their wings or a stand unless specifically ordered that way. They usually have reins attached as seen in the picture below showing what a dragon with wings and Stand looks like. The stand is made to help your Dragon stand up so it can show off its wings however some have other ways of doing that themselves.


With or without a Wire stand

The wire stand seen in the picture of the blue and silver dragon is what comes with the dragon if ordered. Not all stands will look the same but they will be made with wire and will be hidden in your dragon’s body. You must request if you want to have it removable or not otherwise the head will be attached to the wire stand.

Depending on how the dragon is ordered decides the price.

Materials Information:

A Dragon Sculpture is made with Anodized Aluminum Rings and Scales.

What is anodized aluminum? The aluminum alloy used is 95% aluminum and 5% magnesium; this creates a ring that is approx. 2/3rds the strength of steel but 1/3rd the weight. Anodizing is a process that adds a hard finish to the ring that gives it its color. The finish is corrosion resistant and can stand up to most damage without flaking, cutting or grinding on the ring with another hard metal surface (grooved pliers, scissors, etc…) and acids like chlorine will cause damage. Combined this means you have rings that are light, strong and resistant to most forms of common wear and tear. Cleaning should be handled with water and nonacidic soap.

Since this is a handcrafted item there can be some small tool marks (scuffs) on the piece, please remember this when purchasing. Any ring with obvious damage is not used; however, I endeavor to prevent any scuffs and marring.


Aquire this Mystical Dragon Sculpture today and be your own Mother or Father of Dragons.

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Additional information

Dragon Sculpture Sizing

12 Inch no wings or stand, 12 inch wings only, 12 inch stand only, 12 inch wings and stand, 24 inch wings and stand, 24 inch wings only, 24 inch stand only, 24 inch no wings or stand