Computer Key Byzantine Pendants

Geeky Computer KeyThis Pendant can be made in a variety of colors, and key can be different as well please check the drop-down for choices.

Please note with the choices below there is a custom option if you wish a single color instead of dual colors. When you choose custom please leave us a note as to the single color you would like used instead of the dual color. Please choose from one of the dual colors listed.

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This Geeky Computer Key Pendant shows your keyboard the love you have for it. We all have done it sat gaming forever on the weekend at our computers only to realize that it is 5 am in the morning and we haven't slept. We use computer keyboards for everything, gaming, work, homework, surfing the web, social media, and countless other things. So show your computer keyboard some love with one of these geeked out keys.

This Geeky Computer Key Pendant is made from anodized aluminum rings and an acrylic computer key ( I will be using upcycled computer keys in the near future). The weaves and colors on the pendants vary as well as the key itself.

Materials Information:

Acrylic -  Plastic beads provide a lightweight world of opportunities for jewelry artists. These acrylic beads are available in a wide assortment of vivid colors and fun shapes including designer- favorite faceted bicones, smooth rounds, flowers, and alphabet beads. These man-made materials are an economical choice that achieves high impact without a high price tag.

Chain Mail- the act of adding links of a chain together to make a pattern for jewelry, armor, or clothing. ( for a list of different types of weaves that can be made try my chain maille page description page.)

What is anodized aluminum? The aluminum alloy used is 95% aluminum and 5% magnesium; this creates a ring that is approx. 2/3rds the strength of steel but 1/3rd the weight. Anodizing is a process that adds a hard finish to the ring that gives it its color. The finish is corrosion resistant and can stand up to most damage without flaking, cutting or grinding on the ring with another hard metal surface (grooved pliers, scissors, etc…) and acids like chlorine will cause damage. Combined this means you have rings that are light, strong and resistant to most forms of common wear and tear. Cleaning should be handled with water and nonacidic soap.

If you would like to know more about the gemstones, rings, and items I use in making our handmade items like this, Geeky Computer Key Pendant; please take a look at the Gemstone Description Page and my Chain Maille Descriptions page.

Please remember that since this is a handcrafted item there can be some small tool marks (scuffs) on the piece, please remember this when purchasing. Any ring with obvious damage is not used; however, I endeavor to prevent any scuffs and marring.

Let Our Geeky Computer Key Pendants show your keyboard some love.

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Additional information

Computer Key Options

F1 Key, F5 Key, F8 Key, P key, S Key, U key

Dual Color Options

Black/Orange, Black/Silver, Blue/Silver, Custom (single color), Lime Green/Lavender, Red/Black, Silver/Gold, Sky Blue/Pink


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