Powerful Animal Claw Necklace

Animal ClawOur Bear Claw Necklace is sure to make you feel stronger and it’s a great piece to showcase your manly side. Pick one up for the man in your life today.

This is a one of a kind item and can’t be back ordered or custom ordered in a different color. This is a piece that my Mother made. You will have a piece like no other person has.

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This Animal Claw Necklace is magnificent and may make you feel stronger, and maybe show your animalistic side. Made from animal claws, red bamboo, and magnesite beads, and magnesite nuggets. It is a great piece to showcase your manly side or bring your animalistic side through as well.

Materials Information:

Red bamboo coral - is a deep sea coral.  It is made up of calcium carbonate and forms in treelike branches alternating with joint-like nodes axes composed of gorgonin protein. The bony structures give the bamboo coral a finger-like appearance similar to that of the bamboo plant on land.

This stone supports bone healing. Bamboo coral eases bone disease, arthritis, osteoporosis broken bones, bone degeneration and bone marrow ailments. It helps to build the body's structures. Bamboo coral builds emotional support structures. It develops and builds on all levels. This stone promotes the building of support systems and support relationships in your life.

Magnesite is a mineral that can be colorless, white, pale brown, barely pink, lilac-rose and pale yellow. It can exhibit a pale green to pale blue fluorescence under certain lights. It is dyed to make beads and ornaments.

Magnesite is a popular stone to use for meditation because of its soothing and calming properties. It’s believed that this gem helps its wearer to think with clarity, aiding the process of creativeness and imagination.

Animal claws - I cannot confirm whether or not these are real or fake, nor could I identify them either.

Other Information:

This unique item can’t be back ordered or custom ordered in a different color. This is a piece that my Mother made, and since she's passed. You will have a piece like no other person has.

Try not to wear your jewelry if you are going to be working out sweating too much, going into the ocean, when taking a shower or bath, or doing the dishes. Sometimes we forget to rinse off our jewelry after these activities or to let them air dry or dry thoroughly which can start to do extra damage over time.

If you would like to know more about the gemstones, rings, and items that are used in making handmade items like this, (change to correct item name); please take a look at the Material Description Page.

Let this Powerful Animal Claw Necklace show off your animalistic side.

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