Halloween and Holiday Items for your ordering pleasure

Halloween and Holiday Items for your ordering pleasure

halloween2We have Halloween and Holiday Items for your ordering pleasure! Plus to sweeten the pot all United States customers will have free shipping. FREEUS is the coupon code. This is for our Halloween orders only at this time and this coupon expires on 11/1/2014

Lets start out with our adorable creepy beaded spiders. They can be made into necklaces also and we are working on different types of jewelry for them to be made into also. bracelets, earrings, and more.

These adorably creepy spiders are priced from $11 to $20 depending on the gems and beads used on them, after all different beads cost different prices, and different size spiders are different prices too. But until Halloween $9.95 just order from the Green and gold spider page and in your order notes tell us which spider you actually want. It will be made and shipped out to you within the week. Hurry and order as Halloween is only 2 weeks away we can may be able to even rush them without our rush fee depending on how quick you want them. If you want a different spider than the one listed or you want a special order of spiders use our custom order page.

If you order more than one of these little beauties I will give you a discount on them. The more you order the bigger your discount will be.

We hope you will grab one of these for yourself and enjoy them. Hurry because Halloween is only 2 weeks away!!!

Here are a few of the ones we have available now.

Onyx and Carnelian Crystal
Onyx and Carnelian Crystal dangles

Don’t forget we still have all of our gorgeous Halloween Jewelry Items, not just our Beaded Spiders but our Halloween Earrings, and Halloween Sets as well. Items like our gorgeous pair of Onyx and Carnelian Crystal dangles. They are made from Black Onyx and Carnelian accented with Swarovski Night and Clear crystals hung from delicate chains these are perfect for any outfit you choose them for.  We have our Halloween items on Sale for you as well.

black crystal and agate fligree
Black Crystal and Agate Fligree

Not only that but we also have a gorgeous pair of Black Crystal and Agate Filigree Earrings these gorgeous earrings are made from beautiful Black and Clear Crystals and gorgeous agate with a dainty filigree leaf hanging from the end how could you not go bats over these beauties?

Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Orange and Black Floral
Orange and Black Floral Lampwork Set

Our sets are just as gorgeous with an Orange and Black Bracelet Set this beautiful set is made from Black Agate, Black onyx and Red agate (we chose the ones that had the most orangish color) with clear crystals spacing between them this Orange and Black Bracelet Set is hauntingly beautiful.

Or if that one is not your style try our Orange and Black Floral Lampwork Set this pretty set is made from Orange and Black Floral Lampwork beads, Crystals and Antique Brass spacers. As well as  black, copper, topaz accent beads & bugles, this necklace and matching earring set is stunningly beautiful.

Since the Holidays are right around the corner we are starting to take Holiday orders as well. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Section to see what we will have in the upcoming months.  We also will start adding new items for you as well. We are working on Wire Christmas Trees, Stackable rings/bracelets and so much more.

Plus if you buy 3 items from our sale pages ( $10 sale , $5 sale items  or  $20 sale items) you will get 30% off just use 30off when checking out with these items. Plus if you do that and buy up to $50 doing that you can get free shipping and 30% off as well.

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Check out our new shipping/delivery options and areas, we now have delivery, and pick up and Ship to the UK. We hope that in the coming weeks that the site will become more and more user friendly. Please don’t hesitate to use our Contact form to give us suggestions on how to make the site even better or what kind of jewelry you would like to see us sell as well. We value your suggestions.

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