Grand Re-Opening week still going strong!

Grand Re-Opening week still going strong!

Our Grand Re-Opening week still going strong, and today we have on deck a gorgeous necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet and a jewelry set and at great prices.

Cinnabar and Red HowliteWhat do we have new for you today? 4 Gorgeous Items again, 1st up is a item that will remind you of your childhood our Old Time Candy Set, Second is a gorgeous pair of earrings made by my mother our Cinnabar and Red Howlite Earrings , next we have our gorgeous Simple Elegant Pearl Bracelet, and lastly we have for you a gorgeous Necklace that you shouldn’t pass up, our Turquoise and Shell Cameo Necklace

These are all on sale for $20 today or under today, until tomorrow at which time we will have new items on sale.

For an extra added bonus anyone that buys $50 or over gets free shipping that is right FREE SHIPPING all you will have to do to get this is use the coupon simple elegant pearlfreeshipping it is set to give you the discount if you buy $50 or over. IF there are any problems please contact me and I will fix it immediately.

Or buy 3 discount items worth $30 and get 30% off that is a lot of savings, AND if you do both you can get both Just use 30off for that savings !!! How is that for savings?

Our new sections we have for our Grand Re-Opening week right now are $10 sale and $5 sale items as well as our more sections in our Holiday items as well. There may not be any items in some of these sections but there will be soon.

GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAY they are growing ever nearer, we do custom orders as well check out our custom order portfolio.

There will be new pages added up on the site as well, we also have new delivery options and areas. We hope that in the coming weeks that the site will become more and more user friendly. Please don’t hesitate to use our Contact form to give us suggestions on how to make the site even better or what kind of jewelry you would like to see us sell as well. We value your suggestions.

Turquoise and Black Lip ShellWe are connected to Google +Twitter and Facebook so you can catch us there anytime. Check out Patreon to see what it is, and come support us there we need it!

If you see something that doesn’t look quite right please let us know through one of our social media pages or e-mail. We are also still working to make sure we don’t have any more bugs as well.

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