Get ready for Halloween with these haunting beauties!

Get ready for Halloween with these haunting beauties!

Halloween is in just 37 days so why not get ready for Halloween with these haunting beauties! These beautiful Orange and Black baubles will have you or your sweetie ready for Halloween! We have 5 different pieces for you to choose from, and even more to come. You will be able to find these under their normal headings plus our Halloween Section as well.

Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Orange and Black Bracelet Set
Dalmatian Jasper and Carnelian Chip
Dalmatian Jasper and Carnelian Chip Earrings

Our first item is our Dalmatian Jasper and Carnelian Chip Earrings, they are darling little beauties, made from perfectly chosen Dalmatian Jasper and Carnelian Chips stacked just right.

Plus we still have our Free Shipping Bonus going on as well what this is, is anyone that buys $50 or over gets free shipping that is right FREE SHIPPING all you will have to do to get this is use the coupon freeshipping it is set to give you the discount if you buy $50 or over. (IF there are any problems please contact me and I will fix it immediately.)

Our Second Piece is Our Orange and Black Bracelet Set it is hauntingly beautiful with its Orange and black colors made from onyx and agate.  These drop earrings are made to match this bracelet just right. Beautiful colors that are complemented together and accented together well just for you.

black crystal and agate fligree
Black Crystal and Agate Filigree Earrings

Our Third item that we think you will just go Bats over is our Our Black Crystal and Agate Filigree Earrings they are just very pretty and dainty. Made from crystals and our Filigree leaves how could you resist something that pretty?  I know we can’t we love pretty little baubles, it’s why we make them.

Black and Orange Drop
Black and Orange Drop Earrings

Our fourth item that we know you will just love is our Black and Orange Drop Earrings they are simple yet beautiful earrings that are ready to wear for Halloween or even just Fall. Made from Black onyx, Black and Red agate, they are ready for any outfit you choose them for.

And our last but certainly not least item that we have for you today that you have you doing the Monster Mash over is our Onyx and Carnelian Crystal Dangles. These delicate chain dangles are perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet delicate pair of earrings to go with an outfit this Halloween. They will also work for any outfit all year round, those sparkles are to die for.

Don’t forget if you buy 3 items from our sale pages ( $10 sale , $5 sale items  or  $20 sale items) you will get 30% off just use 30off when checking out with these items. Plus if you do that and buy up to $50 doing that you can get free shipping and 30% off as well.

Onyx and Carnelian Crystal
Onyx and Carnelian Crystal Dangles

GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS they are growing ever nearer, we do custom orders as well. check out our custom order portfolio.

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