Storm Shadow’s Jewelry Is Having a Flash Sale This Week Come See What’s In It

Storm Shadow’s Jewelry Is Having a Flash Sale This Week, we would like you to come see what’s in It. We’ve posted pictures of items in an album on FaceBook most of these items are already posted on the website. We have discounted these items for a quick sale. These pieces will be rotated in and out all week long, along with other items, on the website. We are working on getting some of our older pieces out so we can put some of the new pieces that we make in. (not all items in each rotation will come out.)

[Facebook this is a reminder since you have already seen the information but you are getting a bit more info about the Flash Sale album. ]

The discounted prices for the items in this rotation are $10 for all Earrings, $15 for all Chain Maille Bracelets, $ 20 for Chain Maille Sets … Yes, Halloween items are in there too …. an out with the old in with the new type thing. I have posted some of what is the Flash Sale album on Facebook below so you can see what we some are and what the discounts are some are a good drop and some are not as much. However, a discount is a discount.

The Halloween items that are listed in the Flash Sale Album on Facebook I am going to sell them all for the two skull sets are $15, the Halloween Bracelets are $10. These are off-season prices and will go back up to their regular prices in September, if any are left and when the new Halloween items start stocking up.

This sale will end August 3rd, 2019 I’ll be rotating items in and out. Please look at the items in the Flash Sale album on facebook and let me know which ones you want through a PM on Facebook do not give me a comment on this post of what you want as comments I more than often on these types of posts miss especially if you put them on the picture of the item themselves. Extra Note: shipping is $7 so anything from this list is the price plus $7 for its shipping unless you live in my delivery or pickup area. (That group knows who they are) then there is no shipping.

Check out our Flash Sale to see what can dazzle your wardrobe.

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