About Storm Shadow’s Jewelry

Welcome to Storm Shadow’s Jewelry, were handmade Beaded, Gemstone, Wire and Chain Maille Jewelry is made. My Jewelry is made from real gemstones, and hypoallergenic materials unless otherwise specified. My jewelry is only made from the best materials that I can find. Each piece is made with love and care with each and every one of my customers in mind, and I want each of them to be completely satisfied with their baubles, and trinkets. Your items will come from a non-smoking home packaged carefully just for you.

About Storm Shadow’s Jewelry’s Owner

about storm shadows jewelry
Christine “Storm Dancer” Miller

Hi, I am Christine “Storm”  Miller and am a wife of a veteran and have a menagerie of pets that I consider my children. I try to extend my love of gaming, geekiness books, motorcycles, and nature among other things into my crafted items and hope it shows. I am also an epileptic, suffer from chronic migraines and I also have benign vascular tumors one on my skull and one in my lower back, however, I do not let these hold me back from doing what I love which is being creative. Although the History of the store is how it started there is more of why the store is still going as it helps to pay for medical bills and medicine among other things like food for the animals.


History of the store

About Storm Shadow's Jewelry
Wuander “Rain Shadow” Chesser 2001

The store was created in 2014 as a tribute to my My mother when she passed in October of 2013.

It is named after both of us using our American Indian names. Storm for me and Shadow for her. She taught me at an early age how to create beautiful jewelry as she herself created beautiful pieces. Some of these pieces are on showcase as well as for sale in the store.

We both enjoyed creating beautiful items and jewelry for people and she created items for people right up until the day she passed. I want to pass on her love of beauty in jewelry to people, which is why I want to gift these creations of hers to the world. As well as continue using the teachings she gave me to make beautiful items for people.

She taught me how to make beautiful items which in turn make people happy, that is something I love to do and want to continue doing. I have since then continued on growing my techniques from beading into wire work, as well as gemstone and chain maille jewelry as well. I hope these items will make you happy as well as make you smile.